iGMAS Analysis Center of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,Chinese Academy of Sciences 中科院上海天文台iGMAS分析中心


At present, iGMAS Analysis Center of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory has begun to take shape, and realize the deep processing of original observation data from the data center. provide high-precision products for the global continuous monitoring and evaluation.

The core products including:        
(1)Satellite orbit: including Final, Rapid, Ultra-rapid;        
(2)Satellite clock: including Final, Rapid, Ultra-rapid;         
(3)Station clock: including Final, Rapid;        
(4) Station coordinates: including planimetric coordinates and elevation;         
(5)Earth rotation parameter : including PM, PM-rate, LOD, divided into the Final, Rapid, Ultra-rapid;        
(6)Differential Code Bias(DCB);         
(7)Tropospheric zenith delay: including Final, Ultra-rapid;        
(8)Ionospheric grid TEC: divided into the Final, Ultra-rapid;         
(9)Integrity products: including Beidou global products in real time and BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO global statistics data;         
(10)Information of summary。

The current product accuracy of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory iGMAS center as follows:

  Products Accuracy
Clock difference and Orbit  
Ultra Rapid(Prediction) Clock difference 2.50ns
Orbit 70cm
Ultra Rapid(Observation) Clock difference 0.45ns
Orbit 50cm
Rapid Clock difference 0.25ns
Orbit 50cm
Final Clock difference 0.30ns
Orbit 40cm
ERP nbsp
Ultra Rapid(Prediction) PM 0.1mas
PM rate 0.10mas/day
LOD 0.05ms
Ultra Rapid(Observation) PM 0.05mas
PM rate 0.20mas/day
LOD 0.03ms
Rapid PM 0.03mas
PM rate 0.15mas/day
LOD 0.03ms
Final PM 0.03mas
PM rate 0.15mas/day
LOD 0.02ms
Atmospheric Parameter  
The final tropospheric zenith delay 4mm
The ultra rapid tropospheric zenith delay 5mm
The final ionospheric TEC grid 2-5TECu
The rapid ionospheric TEC grid 2-6TECu